We are registered contractors to Exxon Mobil of which we have our permit from the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Nigeria for the purpose of providing services for oil producing companies.

One of our numerous services for Exxon Mobil is the production of the indoor exquisite glass frame picture of different engineering activities in general off shore and on shore businesses. These picture frames serves as a gallery within the work environment and at the same time beautifying the open and enclosed offices.

These picture frames were installed at the Lagos and Abuja offices.


This is our International business. We are authorized agent involved in the business of Educational consultancy. We counsel and secure admission for students who wish to continue their studies in the United Kingdom, America, and South Africa etc.

Other services include counselling on course selection to follow ups after admission and arrival in the UK, visa applications, as well as other logistics,   library and internet facilities at our office completely free to our prospective students.

We also make routine visits to our students studying abroad at no extra cost to the   parents to check in on their wards, find out what the problems are if any be it consular or accommodation and bring feedbacks   to their parents as an after sales service.

Currently, we are Agents to Regenesys Business School South Africa. Others we have worked with include South Thames College London, Cavendish College London, BPP University London/America, we can also help prospective students secure admission into any institution of their choice across the globe.


This arm of business to us is not just stream-lined into educational services alone but on general travelling activities, which could either be for business, visit or tourism.

With our experience in documentation processes, application and consultation, visa application filling has never been easier despite the rigorous stress and visa denial most people face daily at the embassies when applying.

Our service is top notch, while transparency remains our watch word from inception of any transaction till delivery date.

Please be informed that we do not falsify documents for our clients for the purposes of visa applications as only genuine documents provided by the clients are treated on its own merit.

Presently, our clientele for visa processing include West African Seasoning Company Limited (makers of Ajinomoto) and private individuals.


Our services in this regard involve the selling and buying of landed properties for our clients regardless of their choice area in Nigeria.

We buy properties for our prospective clients according to their budget, and also help them sell at a reasonable price. Every business is done in transparency and we are only entitled to the statutory commission on any transaction.

We do proper checks and findings before giving a final verdict on any sales or buying to avoid discrepancies or distrust between buyers and sellers.